Thought for the Week: Turning Possibilities into Probabilities

possibilites  Last Monday I attended a Toastmasters meeting. I enjoy Toastmasters because the evening is always inspiring. There are always great speeches, interesting club members and something new to learn. Tonight was no different. Each meeting begins with a theme or word of the week. Everyone is to say a bit about him or herself and tell the group what the word means to them. This week’s theme is Possibilities.

I was amazed to listen to different meaning for possibilities. I told of my realizing my possibilities about finally seeing my book published. Someone believed the word’s meaning gave her encouragement to keep going. “If it is possible, then I can make that goal.” She said confidently.

The most beautiful meaning of this word came from Janet. She began a quick story about her statistics professor. She told of how he loved his craft. His lectures were exciting to listen to with chalk dust flying everywhere. His enthusiasm was contagious, she told us. By this time, I was fascinated. First, I cannot imagine anything to do with figures being remotely interesting. Remember, I am a “words” girl. I have a firm belief numbers and letters should never be in the same sentence, especially if the sentence does resemble language.  Subjects like statistics, trigonometry geometry and calculus send me screaming for the hills only after I break out in hives. Number subjects to me are synonymous to the Bubonic Plague.

Listening to her talk with such appreciation for this professor, had me riveted to my seat. Her message was this. In statistics, possibilities are limited. Probabilities are endless. How many of us cheat ourselves from achieving all that is possible by limiting our thoughts? Everyone should strive to turn all of our possibilities into probabilities Do not limit your hopes, dreams; job advancement opportunities Change your thinking to– All my –blank—is probable to me!

Toastmasters train us to become great speakers in any situations. I love the way our members make us think and give us good insight to rethinking what is possible. I wanted to share this with you. How are you thinking this week? Are your goals possible or probable?

Book Update: I received a proof copy of my book this week. The cover is beyond my expectations. I am excited and nervous to read it for the last time before it goes to print. Last week I had a wonderful opportunity to speak to over 150 students about writing and the history. It was exciting to see how many questions these young people asked about becoming an author. Their enthusiasm was so refreshing. They inspired me as much as I hope to have inspired them.