Mother’s Day Thank You

Happy Mother’s Day to new moms; experienced mom’s and grand moms. Your journey is not an easy one, but the rewards are priceless. Today, we remember the women who have touched our lives and shaped us in many profound ways.

I do not know how women become mothers. Well yes, I know the basics, but where does the wisdom, patience and perseverance come from? I do not remember someone bestowing these qualities on me to get me through the ‘tough years’. Reflecting back on Mother’s day, I realize each child I raised gave me these qualities. They changed me as much as I shaped them.

Our children change us.  It is a long hard road, paved with tears and triumph. It begins with trial by fire and ends with deep satisfaction and pride. The first wail after birth is our call to action from the commanding officer as Parent Boot camp begins.

How does something so small have so many demands? They deprive us of sleep; make us wonder if we are “cut out” for this parent thing. Just as we get our bearings, they find their voice. These little tykes mirror our actions bossy and demanding. Before we know it, we release them to the world as they enter school with a tearful good luck. The next few years get easier, guiding them through their school age years boosting their confidence, helping them find their identity. The years seem to accelerate forward and before we know it, our grip loosens little by little each year as their independence grows. We watch their wings develop growing stronger by the year. The young adult years come with harder decisions and then they leave. The last link bonding us as parent and child is never broken. It only feels that way as they excitedly leave the nest to begin the adult years.

Children teach us about ourselves. They force us to grow stronger and more resilient. I would not trade those experiences for anything. Yes, it was hard, rewarding, crazy, and wonderful all at the same time. The pride I feel being their Mom is knowing I grew from these experiences. I did not have to be perfect to be a good parent. I just had to be there for them.  I have my children to thank for that.

Thank you my beautiful children. You made me a better version of myself. Know I am always here for you. I won’t save you from life, but I will help you through it.  I am honored to be your Mom and I thank you for choosing me. Happy Mother’s Day!


WordPress Family Award: Many Thanks to My Readers



Thank you, Brad Clark Open Eyes,  for nominating me for the WordPress Family Award. I appreciate the nomination. Family is one of my most cherished blessings. I am blessed to have a lovely brood of children. They are challenging, beautiful and sometime horrible to, but I through it all they make me a better person. As a parent, I pray every day, I am guiding them to a successful future.

Regular readers know, I usually write posts about family, peace and unity. I firmly believe the family structure and stability have a direct ripple effect on the current state of society. Parenting is the most influential role in a child’s development. It begins and ends with the family. I will continue to talk about family because it is near and dear to my heart. I blog to give hope to parents and families to encourage them to protect family values and do what is right for our country’s future.

I enjoy blogging about B4 Peace. Kozo, Everyday Gurus came up with a great idea in January; everyone spread peace one blog post at a time. The assignments are challenging, and fun to write. July’s post must be resonating with you because my blog traffic is remarkably steady this month. Thank you for visiting, I enjoy reading your comments.
My schedule last month was busier than I imagined. I spent part of June and most of July promoting The Cause: Love & War in Gettysburg and areas of Wisconsin. Although I enjoy book signing and speaking events, I miss creative writing. I can’t wait until the book publishing process becomes familiar to me. I am decidedly uncomfortable not knowing what to expect. Through it, I am enjoying the process with anticipation to settle down and finish the second book.

One of the great pleasures about the winning the WordPress Family Award is the opportunity to pay it forward. This is where I nominate ten other blogs. Some blogs inspire me; make me laugh or makes me think. I would recommend everyone, but it would take all day to link everyone’s blog. Enjoy these blogs and I hope you will follow them if you are not following already.

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