WordPress Family Award: Many Thanks to My Readers



Thank you, Brad Clark Open Eyes,  for nominating me for the WordPress Family Award. I appreciate the nomination. Family is one of my most cherished blessings. I am blessed to have a lovely brood of children. They are challenging, beautiful and sometime horrible to, but I through it all they make me a better person. As a parent, I pray every day, I am guiding them to a successful future.

Regular readers know, I usually write posts about family, peace and unity. I firmly believe the family structure and stability have a direct ripple effect on the current state of society. Parenting is the most influential role in a child’s development. It begins and ends with the family. I will continue to talk about family because it is near and dear to my heart. I blog to give hope to parents and families to encourage them to protect family values and do what is right for our country’s future.

I enjoy blogging about B4 Peace. Kozo, Everyday Gurus came up with a great idea in January; everyone spread peace one blog post at a time. The assignments are challenging, and fun to write. July’s post must be resonating with you because my blog traffic is remarkably steady this month. Thank you for visiting, I enjoy reading your comments.
My schedule last month was busier than I imagined. I spent part of June and most of July promoting The Cause: Love & War in Gettysburg and areas of Wisconsin. Although I enjoy book signing and speaking events, I miss creative writing. I can’t wait until the book publishing process becomes familiar to me. I am decidedly uncomfortable not knowing what to expect. Through it, I am enjoying the process with anticipation to settle down and finish the second book.

One of the great pleasures about the winning the WordPress Family Award is the opportunity to pay it forward. This is where I nominate ten other blogs. Some blogs inspire me; make me laugh or makes me think. I would recommend everyone, but it would take all day to link everyone’s blog. Enjoy these blogs and I hope you will follow them if you are not following already.

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Back to Center

During my yoga practice I have learned that when you find your center, everything will flow. This has taken on new meaning in my life during the last few weeks. I normally, travel with my fiance on the road. We are gone for 10 days and home for three to four days. It is our routine. Our life.

I have now been off the road for three weeks. First, my children were with me full-time for a week, I am pushing hard to complete my first novel and I contracted a nasty foot infection. My center is askew. I planned for the kids, that part was easy. Well, as easy as managing three teenagers’ school, athletics and music schedules. My sanity has been once again tested. I managed to pass this feat, as no one was left at school or on the field without a ride home. Before I got home I had huge plans for completing a large portion of the book.  As far as the foot issue, that came out of left field and knocked me on my….well you get the picture. I am caregiver, both as a mother and medical assistant. Caregivers generally make horrible patients. I am no exception. I much prefer to go at the speed my life. Having to slow down showed me I have not been as caring of myself as I should.This was one of life’s little wake up calls.

Not all was lost during these days. On the upside, I have really enjoyed having the kids to myself. We had a great week just the four of us. Second, I am more aware of how I am taking care of me. This needs more focus. Finally, I have had quiet time. The stillness of the house and the no schedules to keep lifestyle, allowed me to make strides on my book.

As I prepare to get back to center, I leave the last three weeks thankful. I have my children, my health is returning and I am still writing.  My world is aligned. Life flows again.