Crossing the River of Life One Stone at a Time

River of lifeToday we have another winter weather advisory. Didn’t someone tell Mother Nature spring is officially three days away. Yes, I want the snow to disappear and green grass to sprout with daffodils and irises in the flowerbed. Somewhere in my annoyance about the pending weather, I found myself wishing for summer days as a child when my brother and I would play in the creeks, catching frogs and crayfish. We spent hours challenging each other to cross the creek without falling in. Life is like that, we take each stepping stone learning life lessons and sometimes fall in and get wet. Just like the game, the object of life is to cross the river safely, learning along the way.

The stepping stones in the river teach us different lessons. The small stones represent life events. These stones peek out just above the surface. We will get our feet wet, but these events propel us forward the next stone. Small stones give us good memories like transitions periods of college to adulthood or single to married life and the beginning years of parenting. Life is trial and error sometimes.

Jagged rock teach us life lessons. Some jagged rocks we step on are more painful than others. The lessons mature us and give us wisdom. Jagged rocks of life are the reality that life is hard, but we do not have to stay there. The great thing about the river of life is that there is always another rock to step on,we simply have to take the next step.

Jumping from the small rocks and jagged rocks are easy. Smooth rocks in this river represent safe havens, when life is going great and there is respite from small and jagged rocks. The smooth rock is inviting, and welcomed. But you must beware of smooth rocks, they can be deceivingly slippery. Slip off of this rock can splash you into another life changing event. Pick yourself up out of the river and dry off. Life situations can be deceiving sometimes.

Life is full of ups and downs, but there are also good times. Safe comfortable periods that allow you to heal, grow and get ready to move forward. These times are represented by boulders. Like the rushing water in the river, life flows around you. Life is good standing on the large stable boulders. Unfortunately, these resting spots are just that. Small periods of rest. You must keep moving to another rock in order to complete your journey.

The journey of life is all about learning from each step you make. Some steps are easy, while others give you a lifetime of wisdom. Yet the journey is all about moving forward and never stop discovering life’s possibilities. Life is not as simple as that childhood game I once played, but I am learning just as much now as I did when I was a kid. Keep moving forward. Safe travels my friends.


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  1. This is so true and wonderfully written! You’re right, life just isn’t simple…. and no one ever promised me it would be… Good thing, cuz I would have been highly disappointed! 😀

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