Dream Assassination Attempt Failed

Dreams      Dreams are fragile things. They are born out of hope, hard work and determination. The dreamer works hard to nurture the dream into fruition. Anyone who has dared to dream knows how hard it is to stay positive to grow the dream into reality. Last week my dreams faced a battle that threatened its permanent destruction. Through strength, support and sheer determination, I resuscitated my dreams to get them back on track. I learned I have to change my thinking and regain my confidence to get back to my goals.

Over the last year, I jumped into this writing journey to make a living, make a difference and get away from a traditional job. I know writing for a living is an uphill battle. Critique is all around me. Constructive criticism is part of the job. But—down right attack on my potential as a person is attempted assassination. Someone who knew this attack could destroy me delivered it with precision.

It worked for a moment. I was hurt, angry and frustrated. I work every day at my writing. I search for places to show case my work. I just have not found steady work as a writer – yet. It is exhausting to search everyday weeding out scams in search of a good paying job. The reviews of my work say I have potential. I wish potential paid the bills and fed my family.

After the turbulent emotions passed, I decided to work harder to find leads to steady work. I already have a part-time job, but aim to find full-time writing work. I will return to networking. I have to ask more questions and ask for help. This is a job you need a strong network to help get you succeed. My next goal is to begin to flesh out my next book. Someone recently asked me to write a book for him. Instead of not knowing what to do next, I have to find out what is the best way to approach this situation. How do I write-up a contract, what needs to be said before the book begins? This is all new territory for me, but I cannot sit worrying about the what ifs. Somewhere I know this will be worth it.

Yes, it would be easy to return to my old job. I loved it. I worked hard to achieve it, but my dreams have changed. My writing career has waited on the shelf for many years. I do not want to put it back there because the path is too hard. I must have confidence in my potential. I have to identify myself as a writer with the same conviction I identify myself as a mother and a wife.  I am determined to accomplish my goals. My support group is intact and all my ducks are in a row.  Get ready world Here I come!



12 thoughts on “Dream Assassination Attempt Failed

  1. Good response to unfair criticism, you’re no doubt stronger now that you faced it down. You have my respect, but more importantly you have a gift with words. Unwrap it, share it … please.

    • Thank you! Your kind words mean so much. As far as facing this problem, I am sure it will resolve itself as soon as I take its power back. I am learning everyday.

  2. I am always amazed at the cruelty and just plain ignorance revealed by blog commenters. Now, I’m the first to admit I don’t write for profit, so I can afford to be outspoken. That does not mean that readers really have a right to tell the author what to write about. Or why their writing doesn’t match up with someone else’s or well, just all sorts of things, including what opinions to hold.

    The wonderful part about the internet is that people are now discovering that no matter what their interest there are others out there who share their viewpoint. If you’re building houses in a small town your audience is limited and you need to cater to the residents and newcomers to that town. But the Internet is quite a different market and knowing who you are and what you want is more important than trying to make other people happy.

    Just go for it and work on clarifying your own voice — There’s always someone else the haters can hate on, let them go read someone else’s blog and you carry on with your own work.


    • Thank you for your encouragement Peter. I am working hard to find my voice and I realize I cannot please everyone. Luckily this is not my goal 🙂 This situation, although painful has pushed me harder to succeed. Now I just have to “thicken my skin” and in the wonderful words of my husband “be brave”. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to read. Have a great day!

  3. Do ya know the one regarding the crabs in the bucket? You kick those crabs what are snapping at your heels and keep going up with the likes of me. I am trying to make a living out of teaching crochet and negative feed back I have received just makes me laugh. I am doing it. Yes I am!

    • I have not heard the crab analogy, but it makes me smile. I agree, this situation makes me more determined to make it work. I am a writer and I can make a living doing this. Trial and error sometimes is our best teacher. Thank you for visiting.

  4. Congratulations on putting yourself back on track. As Kelly Clarkson sings, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” Cue up that tune the next time anyone delivers hurtful criticism “with precision.”

  5. As they used to say, “You go girl”! My prayers are with you for success!

  6. Ellyn, am sending positive thoughts your way – that the right person will turn up to assist with information you require. Dreams are our Heart’s desires and our future in the making. I was mesmerised last night listening to “I dreamed a dream” by Susan Boyle. May all your dreams come true.

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