Time to Get The Word Out – Marketing Yourself Part One

The time is right. Everything is in its place. I am counting down to my fan page reveal on Facebook. The book will finally be revealed to my family and friends. Thanks to my blogging community, I have felt supported through this journey up to now. I am finally ready to tell my friends and family. I kept it from them because I did not want to ruin a good thing. It is hard for me to think I will hold an actual book in my hands, written by me.  There is no time for sappy thoughts, Now its time to start marketing. This post is about my Marketing to Do List. I think of it as a Bucket List before the Debut.

This month I am focusing on Getting the Word Out. The following points focus on gaining exposure for me as an author. Exposure is the key to the author’s success. Using as many avenues to expose you, the author, increases your recognition. If no one knows me, why would anyone buy my book? Preposterous idea, I know, but the truth hurts sometimes. The next four goals are simply a way for me to stay focused as I get started.

Increase Social Media Exposure: Tuesday I will debut my Facebook Fan Page. I recently read three important things to remember about having a successful Facebook. Make the page an interactive one. Three to four posts daily. Second, allow your fans to get to know you. Interacting with them through videos, polls, surveys and giveaways increases fan visits. Finally, the more genuine and transparent a fan page becomes, the more likable the fans perceive you. My publisher will create my website. As soon as the book cover and edits are complete, I will have the complete social package. I will work hard to increase my exposure on WordPress and Twitter too.

Write five guest blogs and host five guests on my blog: I found blog interaction increases blog traffic. This accomplishes goals for both guest and host. The best part about blogging is learning the similarities and differences of everyone’s writing journey.

Publish a historical article under my name: I have been working with a company as a writer, but all the articles created by me become published under the buyer’s name. This was hard to embrace at first, but I am having fun with it. I have written about a variety of subjects including Organic beekeeping and vacation properties in Miami. The experience is very educational. I am becoming a better writer.

Polish my public speaking skills: I love to talk in public. I have a long history of educating visitors at Heritage Hill. I sometimes talk to 200 people per day. It is exhilarating to me. So why do I stumble when I speak formally in front of large groups of people? Enter Toastmasters International. This group has an amazing way of training and transforming you into a confident speaker. Here, I will develop a comfort level speaking in large groups. I will also be very good at giving impromptu speeches. Did you know author’s who are comfortable speaking in public are viewed as more approachable and knowledgeable?

There you have it, the beginning game plan. Marketing yourself is a challenge.  The two things I like about marketing. One is how fast it builds confidence. The second,is the wonderful people I will meet. Writing is a hard career for a social butterfly. Writers spend hours alone with their word processors. Getting out speaking about our work is a welcomed change of pace that can be very rewarding. Please feel free to leave your comments or additions to help others and me in the marketing journey. I look forward to hearing from you.



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  1. Still a bit cloudy on the Blog Hop. What needs be done?

    S. Thomas Summers
    Pushcart Nominated Author of Private Hercules McGraw: Poems of the American Civil War

    • I will post on November 28th and answer 10 questions about my book. In turn, I will tag you to answer the same 10 questions about your book.
      When you blog the 10 questions, you will also tag 5 people of your choice. When I read your blog, I will be able to view the other authors you chose as you will mine. It is a great way to learn about other authors books/poems, Works in Progress ect.

      Check out http://bridgetteohare.blogspot.com/2012/09/week-12-next-big-thing.html as an example of this hop. If you have more than one blog, please let me know which one you want me to tag in my post.

      Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

  2. I have a Facebook fan page. I’ve neglected it. Three to four post daily??? Wow, a lot of work. I gotta try.

    Quests blogs? Hmmmmmmm.

    Thanks for the ideas.

    All the best,

    S. Thomas Summers
    Author of Private Hercules McGraw: Poems of the American Civil War

    • Get back to your Facebook page. I am still researching how to grow fast, but if you think about how many use FB and how often, it is a great source of new fans. Did I send you the information for the Blog Hop? If not, I thought I did, just verifying.
      Thanks for reading as always, I enjoy your comments.

  3. Good ideas…. thanks Ellyn! 😀

  4. Yay! Congratulations, Ellyn! You have a great marketing strategy and I wish you many successess!

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