Soul Whispers

    Have you heard it? That little whisper that gives you blips of memories and emotion. Some call it déjà vu; others brush it off as coincidence.  I call it a Soul Whisper. I define it as one who is in touch with their past by acknowledging the little memories from their soul. It is places, things and events. Getting in touch with our past lives, help enrich the life you now live.

I started listening when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I didn’t know what it was, nor did I know what to do with it, I just knew I had ideas. I once told my mother I was born in the wrong place. I questioned why we lived in Wisconsin. I felt we should live in the South. I didn’t know exactly where, but all I knew was the north was not it.  Another time, I bravely told my pastor about my theory regarding past lives. I remember discussing this at great length. The pastor of course, told me I was wrong, it was my imagination.

I began to understand more after I met a psychic. I didn’t know what to ask her, I just thought I would “wing it”. After brief introductions, I started spewing my ideas and thoughts. I asked why I needed to visit certain places. Regina’s questions were benign, but my questions and theories rattled off as if I was reading a book. After the session, I was very curious. I researched the things she said I could find. I did find it. I wanted more.

I decided to sign up for a Past Life Regression session. Big Warning: This is not for the faint of heart. Just like your life today, our past lives are just as hard. People are people; with all the good and bad that goes with it. It can be harsh, lonely, and deadly. During this session, I watched myself die several times. I learned my husband killed me because he could not divorce me and I now understand why I am afraid of certain things. What I found beautiful then I am still attracted to it now.  Some of my lives were beautiful and comforting, others were strange and vague.

What did I learn from this? I uncovered the genuine me. Life makes you change. You change roles, attitudes and other parts of yourself to adapt to current situations. Some people have adapted so much they lose their true self. Listening to soul whispers, always tells you who you are.

I love getting tiny glimpses of memories. Whenever I drive by a field of horses or see certain style homes each triggers a memory. Widow’s walks, on top of square homes, bring me sad and hopeful feelings of waiting. The hills and mountain terrain of Pennsylvania and Virginia bring comfort and peace. I understand my affinity to heart-shaped lockets and cameos.

Not every glimpse is good.  I have learned to control the negative sensations, I sometimes get. It always surprises me when the emotion hits like a title wave. Luckily, I rarely have these experiences.

Through all of this recognition, I never get the whole story. I know I’m blessed to learn more about the real me. I do not want all the details of my past lives. They are traumatic. I only know the life I have now is enriched by listening to the whispers from my soul.


2 thoughts on “Soul Whispers

  1. Oh that is absolutely wonderful… I have always felt the same way and I still do, but I was never brave enough to try the Past Regression therapy. I use to tell my mother I knew I was adopted…. she could go ahead and tell me… LOL. Naturally, she thought I was a nut. I just love this post Ellyn. I sometimes have trouble keeping up my all my own current lives (very long story) but I tend to divide my life into “previous” lives. We probably both lived in the Old South, I am unexplainedly (is that a word) attracted to the old 2 story plantation houses… antiques… etc… memories from Scotland and Ireland… though I’ve never been there, and they go back through time. I learned early not to mention it to most people because they thought I wasn’t religious. I do have a strong faith, but to me these are two separate things. The point, as you say is to adapt and learn…loved it!

    • The Past Life Regression will solidify some of the things you have always wondered about. I found it to be an amazing experience, although I did need someone to talk to a week or so after. I was having issues with some of the things I saw. This is completely normal. Once you get past the initial shock, it is amazing to have validation of “I knew that” about me.
      I think Sylvia Brown explains Past Lives best as far as connecting it to religion. Past lives are all about religion. It is just hard for people to grasp if they do not completely understand. For me it is all about accepting where people are in their lives. We all take different paths and that is the beauty of it all.
      Thank you for reading, I love hearing from you.

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