Through the Eyes of an Artist

Everyone sees the world differently. If you take two people in the same situation, they will see two very different things. The first may report exactly what he sees, listing specifics without detail. Giving what he saw little attention and no wonderment to the experience. The experience for him was  just a quick note and then its onto the rest of life.
While the second person reports so much more. He expertly details how the wind and grass dance together. This kind of person talks of specific colors accent or how a color “washes out” a person’s skin tone. Descriptions, often given with emotional detail. What makes these two so different? It is the developed artist’s eye.
Painters see color, depth and shading. They strive to recreate the beauty of their experiences. These types of artist see beauty with emotion. The emotion carries them forward to paint, draw or photograph what they see.  Painters desire is to capture the image to recreate the emotion they feel. They use color to stimulate emotion, theme to express feelings. Artists use images to speak to their world.
The thrill of the adventure is what the writer long to share. Writers craft focuses on experiencing the situation. It does not matter if it is a foggy desolate street or in the midst of battle with bullets whizzing past your head. You are there. As you read along with your character, you experience the action. Writer’s create storylines for the adventurer. They have a keen eye for creative fun.
Songwriters write to speak to your soul. Their words can soothe or torment, making you laugh or cry. Songwriters craft is directly connected to bring forth a flood of memories. Music transports you back to good times or bad. Music uncovers human feelings and emotion. If the songwriter does his job, you will remember the lyrics forever. Your brain remember the tune and sometimes it might get stuck there when you least expect it.
An artist’s eye is the creative touch that makes the world a beautiful place. Everyone has the creativity within him or her. Developing the “artist eye” takes time and practice. Think about it. How do you see the world? No. How do you really see the world. Take time to sit and watch. The word is really an amazing place to see.


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