Nominated for Seven Things About Me Award

It has been a trying Saturday. You know, one of those days that starts out great and then progressively becomes more challenging.  I am happy to report, there is a bright spot in my day. When my phone made that familiar “bing”, signaling I have mail, WordPress sent me a message I was nominated for the “Seven Things About Me” Award.

Thank you for the nomination Keli !  My day is quickly getting brighter!

Seven things about Me!

1. I am getting married in 5 weeks to the best man God ever put into my life. He patiently puts up with all of my quirks. Lovingly edits my work. Encourages my writing and most of all wants me to be myself. I am blessed!

2. I love a wide variety of music. Trained as a French Horn player through school. I played in the Youth Symphony and Drum & Bugle Corps as a young adult. I grew up with my parents influence of music which included 60’s, 70’s,  and folk music. I grew up in the 80’s. I raised all of my children to play. I am working on the beginnings of a symphony. We have violin, trumpet, oboe and guitar.  I have dabbled in fife and dulcimer too.

3. I am one of the longest running volunteers at Heritage Hill State Park. I started with the park in 1982 and have trained four volunteers from birth. My children have all interpreted at the park sometime through their lives. I love dressing in period clothing and talking with visitors from around the world.

4. I am hopelessly optimistic. I can find the positive in any situation. Sometimes I don’t want to find it, but if I certainly could if I had too. I smile and do it as often as I can!

5. My first writing mentor is Suzi Zeller. She was a family friend of ours. When I was 12 years old, she encouraged me to write a story. It was about a horse who wanted to be the fastest ever.  Thank you Suzi for encouraging me. I haven’t stopped writing since.

6. I travel throughout the country on a weekly basis. My husband drives an 18-wheeler and I write. My office has the best views, always changing. It consists of a laptop and my supplies are stowed in the glove box. We are thinking about moving in a new printer soon.

7. I am a Social Butterfly! I know it contradicts the life of a writer, but I am one of those rare people who likes public speaking. I will start conversations in the strangest places. People give me energy and I am enriched by knowing them.


1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.

2. List seven things about yourself  (Anything you would like to share)

3. Nominate seven other people.

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Good luck to everyone ! I truly enjoy reading everyone’s work. It makes me think, smile and in general, simply makes my day better.

2 thoughts on “Nominated for Seven Things About Me Award

  1. Congrats on the up and coming Wedding! Yea!!! Sounds like you found one of the few really good ones which is great. I’ve been married before too, seems my “picker” was broken and I kept choosing the wrong type of men. My hubby now is (usually) one of those great guys too. I discovered my cancer after we had only been married 6 months. Talk about a scare, I was so afraid that he was going to leave, like so many do, but he didn’t and has actually been pretty good about going through the whole thing for a guy who doesn’t express his emotions or feelings (except to me).

    I find your “office” a fascinating idea. How cool is that, that you get to go all over, take pictures, and write to your hearts content with support even. Wow! You ARE Blessed!!

    I’m a social butter fly too I guess, my kids always tell me I just talk to anybody and everybody whether I know them or not. Haha. I use to be super shy so I thought maybe some of these others might just be waiting for someone else to talk to them first… : D

    Loved reading your 7 things, thanks for doing it. ~ keli

  2. Congrats, and thanks for the nomination. I loved reading more about you. Number six was by far my favorite. What a perfect set up for you and your soon to be husband. All the best, Wendy

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