Writing As Fast As I Can

My last post bemoaned the struggles I faced looking for online work. I was frustrated at the leads that lead nowhere and the promises blatantly too good to be true. I have finally settled into writing and decided to improve my skills with the guidance of others writers.
I am now taking writing assignments, learning facts about everything from Medicare to Lacrosse equipment. The feedback has been positive. With each new site, I use, I am improving my skills. I spend hours scrutinizing my resume, editing my writing samples and pushing to sell my skills in a positive light. My mantra is “Just keep writing. Just keep writing.”
I know writing is not an easy career path. Despite the work, I am thrilled with every piece I create. I am excited to try new genres and continue building my portfolio. Right now, I miss my book. It is busy in the editing process. I should be rewriting soon. Meanwhile, my creative brain is conjuring up new plots and new characters. I hear a new novel calling.
During the past weekend, I had a great Mom-Daughter talk. When we were not talking wedding To Dos, we chatted about my decision to write as a career. She asked if I was happy writing. What she delicately alluded to was how much money I would not be making. Smiling to myself, I assured her I would be fine. She redirected her question. “Will you be happy writing all the time? You are turning a hobby into something that has to make money.” Mom was now driving her point home. My reply was effortless. I am happiest when I write. This has been true since I wrote my first story. Somewhere I know this will all work out. I just know. I fully realize the I won’t be making what I made at the clinic, but I am happy traveling on the road with my soon to be husband, seeing the sights and creating all along the way.


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  2. I enjoy your writing…. My aunt is a good writer too, and has always wanted me to try, but I don’t think I have your talent. I just write as therapy, but I can tell I’m going to enjoy reading yours. : )

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