That Don’t Impress Me Much….(Take it away Shania)


Shania Twain’s song has been haunting me over the last few weeks. No, I am not practicing for Friday night’s karaoke session; I am searching the web for “stay at home” jobs. I want a job I can do while traveling with my husband as I have for the last eighteen months. He is an over the road driver and he loves it. I found out, for a variety of reasons; that would take another whole blog to explain, that I am not a truck driver. So it goes, the last few weeks I have been scouring the web for the perfect “work in the truck” job.

A position that further perfected my writing would be ideal. I could write while he drove and we would continue to be happy with our semi-nomadic life. I realize one book does not make me an eligible editor, copy writer or a shoe in for any other honorable writing position. During the last year, I have fallen in love with writing again. It is hard to think about leaving it. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to finish a book. I want to write another one. Writing and seeing the country is a fantastic life.

While searching the murky waters of the web, I found some impressive ads.  Earn six-figure income, own your own business and become rich almost overnight. Blah…Blah…Blah. Cut to the chase people! Impress me! Make me excited to work for you. I do not want to run my own business. I hate sales and I do not want my family avoiding me for fear of another solicitation. I just want a useful job, receive money for my hard work and continue my writing.

Do people really fall for this stuff?  If the ads bragged, educate someone, become a social butterfly, make a difference in someone’s life or do what you love all while earning a descent income.  I would be all over it. Nevertheless, my search goes on, I am sure something will fall into place until then, take it away Shania, I am back to my search.