Back to Center

During my yoga practice I have learned that when you find your center, everything will flow. This has taken on new meaning in my life during the last few weeks. I normally, travel with my fiance on the road. We are gone for 10 days and home for three to four days. It is our routine. Our life.

I have now been off the road for three weeks. First, my children were with me full-time for a week, I am pushing hard to complete my first novel and I contracted a nasty foot infection. My center is askew. I planned for the kids, that part was easy. Well, as easy as managing three teenagers’ school, athletics and music schedules. My sanity has been once again tested. I managed to pass this feat, as no one was left at school or on the field without a ride home. Before I got home I had huge plans for completing a large portion of the book.  As far as the foot issue, that came out of left field and knocked me on my….well you get the picture. I am caregiver, both as a mother and medical assistant. Caregivers generally make horrible patients. I am no exception. I much prefer to go at the speed my life. Having to slow down showed me I have not been as caring of myself as I should.This was one of life’s little wake up calls.

Not all was lost during these days. On the upside, I have really enjoyed having the kids to myself. We had a great week just the four of us. Second, I am more aware of how I am taking care of me. This needs more focus. Finally, I have had quiet time. The stillness of the house and the no schedules to keep lifestyle, allowed me to make strides on my book.

As I prepare to get back to center, I leave the last three weeks thankful. I have my children, my health is returning and I am still writing.  My world is aligned. Life flows again.